Hall of Fame - Batting | Glenwood Redbacks Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1110161939014839372917870110*Manik JindalGlenwood Redbacks2018/20197TH GRADE2 1Kellyville Ridge
2106104312014839372917870106*Naveen PrakashGlenwood Redbacks2018/20197TH GRADE2 1Kellyville Ridge
3858020321483937291329285Abdul Q QazizadaGlenwood Redbacks2018/20196TH GRADE1 1Blacktown City
48012517061483937292034880*William SmithGlenwood Redbacks Red2018/2019U12 Div 11 1The Ponds Green
58011907441483937292053780*Gurjit SinghGlenwood Redbacks Red2018/2019U14 Div 33 1Doonside
67310463841483937292035473*Darsh UPPILIGlenwood Redbacks Red2018/2019U12 Div 13 1Blacktown City Gold
76817566911483937291800168*Braja Nandan Parhi MohapatraGlenwood Redbacks2018/20198TH GRADE2 1Doonside
86617566981483937291799866Durgesh RastogiGlenwood Redbacks2018/20198TH GRADE1 1Super Sikhs
96310490911483937291787363Lawrence DanielGlenwood Redbacks2018/20197TH GRADE3 1Plumpton - Glendenning
10609676571483937292059360Diljot SinghGlenwood Redbacks Red2018/2019U16 Div 13 1The Ponds Green
115912516981483937292035259Cooper Nadwie-SmithGlenwood Redbacks Red2018/2019U12 Div 12 1Plumpton - Glendenning Red
12558020251483937291329655*Dharshaka De SilvaGlenwood Redbacks2018/20196TH GRADE2 1Doonside
135212565521483937290038252Venkata Sai Chand VeermachaneniGlenwood Redbacks2018/20192ND GRADE3 1Anglo-Indian Association
145112517151483937292059051Mahadi ShaheedGlenwood Redbacks Red2018/2019U16 Div 12 1Blacktown Workers Black
15509721881483937290037950abhishek gourGlenwood Redbacks2018/20192ND GRADE2 1The Ponds Cricket Club
165010574781483937292043850*Binam ShresthaGlenwood Redbacks Red2018/2019U14 Div 11 1Blacktown City Gold
175011373171483937291306150Rajaram KrishnanGlenwood Redbacks2018/20195TH GRADE2 1Super Sikhs
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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